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Chairman’s Message

The Atlas Group is a key player in supporting businesses and governments across the Middle East region.

Our vision has always been to provide solutions that help people and businesses. I am happy to see that our Group has continued to grow during recent years. Our continued success has been achieved with the hard work and commitment of the entire Atlas Group team and every constituent Group Company – but it wouldn’t have been possible without the continuous support of strong UAE leadership. We have learned much from the UAE government. Its high standards have always motivated us to deliver best practice ourselves, helping us to become better at what we do.

We are all absolutely committed to delivering bespoke solutions that help governments to protect their borders, businesses to thrive and that give customers access to world-class products and services. We take great pride in the way in which our services support businesses with a broad range of communications, security solutions and systems. We support law enforcement with vehicle tracking systems. Our monitoring and management technologies help make businesses lean and profitable. Our world-class medical devices help to deliver better medical outcomes whilst our fresh and frozen food businesses bring the highest quality foods to the people of the region.

Our team ensures that all of our clients receive a consistently world-class service. Delivery of excellence is part of the very fabric of each Atlas Group Company, borne out time and again in our results. Progress stems from consistency and I take real pride in seeing the entire Group perform so consistently up to standards.

We measure our true success by the impact that we have on the communities within which we work. It is a source of great pride to me that the Atlas Group is known for its history of supporting regional Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives.

The Atlas Group has grown up rapidly – but sustainably – during its history. It has remained competitive and delivered world-class systems, products and services that are to the benefit of all in our community. I am happy and proud that many of our solutions support the UAE government’s aims in building a strong, safe society.

We have progressed to become a Group that is delivering strong support to organisations across the region. We have grown in a manner that is sustainable, ethical and fair. These are – and always have been – my personal goals.


Ahmed Seddiq Al Mutawaa


Ahmed Seddiq Al Mutawaa

Chairman of Atlas Group